Can you get satellite TV in an apartment?

Can you get satellite TV in an apartment?

For a long time people living in flats, apartments and city houses had only one choice: cable TV, a company, usually Time Warner Cable or Comcast. Most of the private porches and balconies were able to install a satellite dish and then connect to satellite TV programs. Can you get satellite TV in an apartment?

If you live in an apartment or apartment and simply do not want to miss the Sunday NFL again this season, the first thing to do is ask the management company or landowner and ask for satellite TV. Many condo associations have already been connected to the satellite television system. This is the case in many large, multi-apartment houses. In such situations, usually one or more satellite TV systems have already been placed on top of the building, and then the signals are transmitted to a central distribution point in the building.

It differs from home installation

Placing satellite TV in a single-family home is quite easy. Our technicians do it all the time. Place the plate high on the roof or eaves, run a few cables and it’s ready. A little more work is needed in a tower block. The biggest limitation is distance. Satellite signals can easily run through about 200-300 feet of cable. This may not be enough to get from the roof to the room where the receiver is located.

Another problem is the number of clients in the building. Most people do not know that one dish can handle a virtually unlimited number of receivers. It’s very possible, but you have to do it right. Apartment owners believe that bringing a satellite means dozens of dishes on the roof. That’s not true. One dish is enough, although the installer will need access to electricity near the roof. This is a common practice on the high-rise market and is rarely a problem.

Can you get satellite TV in an apartment?

Permission of the DIRECTV owner

Whether it’s a residential building or a business complex, it’s best to consult the owner before installing satellite TV equipment. When you work with Signal Connect, we do it for you. We will call the owner to discuss the DIRECTV installation requirements and details of the lease agreement. In many cases, you can have DIRECTV if you use a non-penetrating roof mount. Our affiliate Solid Signal offers a wide range of roof brackets and accessories, DIRECTV satellite antennas and everything else to provide you with satellite TV. This is one of the many benefits that the DIRECTV installation support gives us.

Can I get DIRECTV without a satellite dish?

No. You need a satellite dish to enjoy everything DIRECTV has to offer in programming.

DIRECTV dishes can come in various sizes from oval round 18 “to 36” x 22 “. To receive DIRECTV programming, the antenna will need to be mounted in a place with a clear view of the southern sky.

In addition to television, the only other equipment you need is a receiver. DIRECTV offers some of the most impressive DVRs on the market, including the Genie HD.



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